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The Business of Being Born

I finally saw it! I know, I know. A little behind on the times. In my defense, I do not have Netflix, and there were no screenings nearby. I finally broke down, and watched it online. I really enjoyed it. I think my favorite part was when Michel Odent was talking about the “love hormone cocktail”, and the relationship that is formed right after birth. The beginning of attachment. Had me in tears!

I think that this documentary came at the perfect time. I know that before I really looked into birth, I really had no idea what I wanted or what could happen. I naively assumed that everyone would watch out for me, and that the doctors and nurses would do what was best for me. That was not the case, in my experience. I am happy for this movie, because I think that more women will strive to educate themselves on the choices available. More women will have the type of birth that they hope for, whether it be in a birth center, at home, or in a hospital. And hopefully, more women will be happy with their births, when all is said and done.

  1. Aubrey
    June 28, 2008 at 6:49 am

    I have a friend who just joined Netflix for their ” introductory 2 free weeks” trial thing just so she could watch that movie & then cancel! haha, pretty smart! :p That part about the love hormone cocktail was my very favorite part, too! I thought it was so very fascinating, I had never really thought about how different that could be after a c/section. And how absolutely sad for the women that miss out on that.

    Your new blog is gorgeous! Awesome colors. I love it. I want to start a homeschooling blog. 🙂

    How really super weird & neurotic am I that I frequently, like every other day, think about whether I want my next birth to be a UC again because I’m so fearful of my hemorrhages?? It’s crazy that I think about that already. But man it will suck when I do have to make that decision.

    I am SO up past my bedtime.

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