Birth Doula Services

I am currently charging a low-cost fee of $400 for my all of my birth services. However, I realize that not every woman requires as much hands-0n care throughout her pregnancy and birth as others. I am open to creating specialized services if your need for a doula is less. Feel free to contact me about your thoughts on this.

My services include:

During your pregnancy

  • One or two prenatal visits*
  • Unlimited phone consultation
  • Educational information, resources, & referrals
  • On-call availability from your 38th week until the baby is born

During your labor & birth

  • Early labor support in your home
  • Help managing labor pain with such methods as: massage, relaxation, breathing, & voice
  • Suggestions on how to help labor progress
  • Constant physical & emotional support
  • Providing relief for your partner
  • Ensuring that everyone is comfortable
  • “Keeping the space safe”
  • Photography (if requested)


  • Early lactation help, if needed
  • Any help needed getting comfortable after the birth
  • One visit at home within two weeks of your birth**
  • Referrals, if requested

Breastmilk soap is available for an additional charge.

*During our prenatal visits, we will go over how your pregnancy is going, your thoughts about the birth, any questions or concerns you or your partner are having, as well as creating a birth plan that will help us see how we can work best together.

**At our post partum visit, I would love to hear how you are doing, listen to your birth story, give any breastfeeding support, bring your birth pictures to you, as well as get any feedback from you about my role as your doula.

  1. Ambra Williams
    May 28, 2010 at 7:14 pm

    Are you available to assist with birth in a hospital setting? I love my OBGYN and I want her to deliver our baby. She only delivers to babies born at Legacy Hospital in Vancouver. Do you accept payments for the $400 fee? I would like to talk more with you about everything. Please email back. Thanks!

  2. Janay
    March 13, 2011 at 6:26 am

    I am 4 weeks out from my due date and am having a waterbirth a Emanuel. Have you attended a water birth before?


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