After having my daughter, Ciara, in 2004, my views on life and parenting were forever changed. Our breastfeeding relationship led to my interest in natural family living, and once I became pregnant with my son in 2006, I delved into natural childbirth, and never looked back. I had a wonderful unassisted birth with Oliver in 2007, and that experience cemented my desire to be a doula and to help women achieve the birth that they hope for.

I trained to become a birth doula through Birthingway Midwifery College in Portland just a few months before my son was born. I have since attended many births, ranging from unassisted to cesarean. I think that every birth is important and beautiful. I do not believe in pushing an agenda on anyone; your birth will be like no one else’s, and your choices are yours alone. I feel that knowledge of childbirth is key to achieving the best birth for yourself.

I strongly believe that a woman’s body knows how to birth, and that all the processes that we go through to give birth to our children have a reason. To me, birth should not be an emergency, but a celebration. Women should feel loved and respected throughout the entire process. I only hope that I can bring all this to women I am lucky enough to support.

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