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Placenta encapsulation! Breastmilk soap!

October 25, 2008 Leave a comment

While taking a shower, I got a great idea the other morning! The best ideas always come to me in the shower. I suddenly thought of offering placenta encapsulation services to my clients, as well as non-clients. I think that had I been able to have someone process my placenta for me after birth, I would have been down with it. I still have Oliver’s placenta in the freezer. It’s great for grossing people out when they are in the kitchen with you 😉

Any how, if you’re not familiar with the benefits of placenta, it is believed to help relieve post-partum depression, increase milk production, replenish iron stores, lessen post-natal bleeding, as well increased energy. Some women also choose to ingest a small portion of their placenta raw immediately after birth to prevent or halt hemmorhage. Some have it in a smoothie, or others just pop a piece in their mouth. I was up for it if I experienced a lot of bleeding, but that did not happen.

So, I am reading a lot more about this process, and looking forward to trying it out!

I am also excited to say that I am going to offer handmade breastmilk soap, made from client’s (or non-clients! I don’t discriminate!) own milk. I have made batches from my own breastmilk, and loved how it turned out. Very sudsy and clean feeling. Each batch makes about 25 bars of soap, and they last forever. I will be putting up some information about both of these services under the “Other services” tab.