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Long labor.

August 13, 2008 1 comment

I attended my longest birth so far last weekend. Twenty-nine hours. It was long and hard, but great practice for me. I ended up crying at the end, all alone in the cardiac department, because I was so exhausted and missed my family terribly. I wasn’t able to sleep for almost two days, and by the end, I was a wreck. I had never been away from my kids that long, and I didn’t realize how lack of sleep would make me feel.

At the hospital

At the hospital

It was also the first time I had a negative experience with nurses. They were very rude, and any time I walked by they glared at me. They were not welcoming at all, and when they were out at their station, they just sat and chatted. Many times when I walked by, I could hear them talking about the mom I was with. This was the same hospital I gave birth to my daughter at – St. Vincent’s in Portland. Brought back a lot of memories.


A lull.

Been quite quiet so far this summer. I have been reading lots more about doula-ing, and preparing lots of paperwork and info. Getting a 13-tabbed folder especially for printouts. Thinking about making up binders for clients in the future. Lots of thoughts going on. I am still in student-doula limbo-land, and I know pretty soon I will have all my births complete, be certified, and out there. Ah! How scary!

I have a birth coming up at the beginning of next month, then one in September. It’s going to whiz by, I just know it.