“Nicole was my doula for the birth of my 2nd child, a home VBAC. At prenatal visits she brought great information about things like positions, pain relief techniques and acupressure. She was able to provide whatever I needed in the different stages of labor: fun-to-be-around company while it was still “easy”, counter pressure and hip squeezes through transition, and encouragement through a long pushing stage when I was sure he would NEVER come out! I enjoyed sharing my birth with her and would definitely use her again!” – Rachel, mama to Allie and River

Nicole was absolutely wonderful. She maintained professionalism but working with her was as comfortable as working with a friend. She was compassionate, caring, informational, and supportive. She had excellent resources and advice. Without her I would have been on a different path that I would have been extremely unhappy with, it was with her guidance that I was able to have the birth I wanted.  I look forward to working with her for my future births.  – Kristina, mama to Addyson and Donavin

After interviewing several doulas, the process of narrowing down candidates came easily to my partner and I. We were instantly drawn to Nicole’s warm and witty personality, as well as the diversity embedded in her own personal birth stories. Choosing her as our doula came effortlessly, and I am thankful to this day for having her as a part of my birth team. While I was in labor, Nicole offered support in any way she could. Whether it was relieving my partner so he could eat and rest, or helping me get into more comfortable positions, Nicole’s services always were accommodating and compassionate. After I had my son, Nicole made a visit to my home to see how my son and I were doing. She extended helpful advice about breastfeeding, and shared her thoughts about the birth. Its been two years now, since I gave birth to my son. Whenever I have doubts or questions about my son’s health or breastfeeding, I go to Nicole for advice, and with her resourcefulness, she is able to help me in any way she can.  I have always been thoroughly impressed with Nicole’s knowledge and strength as a mother. I highly recommend Nicole as a doula, and would be delighted to use her services again if I have another child.  – Kaitlin, mama to Ezra

Nicole was an awesome doula!  I met with her before the birth, and I let her know I was planning a hands off waterbirth at home.  My son was 3 years old at the time, and I wanted to make sure she knew my needs would change depending on the time of day I was in active labor: (would he be asleep?), which of my relatives were in town (would others be there to engage him?), do I  want some photos? (yes, she is a gifted photographer as well!)  and several other factors…. I had some family planning to visit, so would there be a need for food? or drink?  or just straightening up the house?  She was willing to do it all!     The keyword was… Flexibility!   So this sounds like I was more worried about everybody else instead of me.  Yeah, that is my nature, but I also told Nicole, I like a quiet and focused birth, so keep everybody else away from me lol.

My birth turned out perfectly – everything I could have hoped for.  The intense part of labor happened from about midnight to 4am, so Nicole got to be fully present in the birthing room instead of  hanging with my son or cleaning house.   I loved knowing she was there and that if I wanted any random thing, I could ask her for it: The lights are too low!  The lights are too bright!  The water is too cold!  Too hot!

Having Nicole as your doula is like having an extension of yourself at the birth.  She has the ability to anticipate what you need and be there with the solution before you even ask.   Working with her was a wonderful experience! – Lisa, mama to Sarah, Orion and Akasha

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